Pain Recovery Center of Tyler Helps with Injury Care


Often pain is the result of trauma caused by a work related injury, automobile injury, home injury or sports injury. Sometimes pain can be delayed for days or weeks after the accident, but the underlying cause of pain is usually present immediately. Pain Recovery Center of Tyler helps East Texas patients with pain management treatments and injury care when they suffer from an accident.

Work Related Injuries

The team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler offers a variety of treatment options for injured workers in the East Texas area.

Common work related injuries include:

    • - Musculoskeletal injuries from overexertion, fatigue, repetitive movements and heavy lifting
    • -Slips, falls and trips from wet floors, objects on the floor and inadequate lighting
      - Repetitive motion injuries from fixed-position activities
    • -Machinery and equipment injuries from dangerous equipment and loose clothing and hair

    We understand the importance of any injured worker returning to work in a timely manner. This is why we provide numerous pain management options, return to work programs and evaluations to ensure the patient can perform the tasks and physical demands of the job.

    You can read more detailed information about injured workers here.

    • Auto Injuries

      If you have been injured in an automobile accident, the things you do and the records you keep will play a significant role in any personal injury insurance settlement.

    • We recommend visiting with a physician at our clinic immediately following the accident even though you may not feel pain symptoms for hours or days. A combination of treatments within the first 6 weeks following your auto accident will optimize the resolution of soft tissue injuries.

    • Our team can help with pain management from these common auto injury symptoms:

      • -Whiplash
      • -Back and/or neck pain
      • -Sciatica
      -Radiating pain and/or tingling in the arms and legs
    • -Muscle aches

    • Please know that all auto insurance policies, even liability policies, include personal injury protection (PIP) benefits for every person injured in your vehicle for 12 months following the automobile accident.

      Our team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler will gladly refer you to an attorney if a lawsuit is required, and we will gladly work with your attorney to help build your lawsuit.

    • Home Injuries

      About a third of all injuries occur in the home, and injuries tend to hit small children and elderly adults most. The five most common home injuries include falls, choking and suffocation, burns, poisoning and knife cuts. These injuries often lead to neck pain, back pain, broken bones, pulled muscles and head traumas.

      Pain Recovery Center of Tyler’s team will work diligently to get our East Texas patients back to enjoying family time at home following a home injury.  

    Sports Injuries

    While exercising and engaging in athletic activities is beneficial to patients, certain patients may experience a sports injury from acute trauma or chronic overuse. Sports injuries are often caused by overuse, poor training practices, not enough training and not warming up and/or stretching before and after sports activities.


    Common sports injuries include:

    • -Sprains and strains
    • -Muscle aches
    • -Soft tissue injuries
    • -Neck pain
    • -Back pain

    Our team will work diligently to get our East Texas patients back in the game after a sports injury, or enjoying family time at home following a home injury.