Tyler, Texas- Pain Management Specialists

A pain management specialist has advanced, special training in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of various types of pain, such as acute pain and chronic pain. Pain can occur after an automobile accident, work-related injury, sports injury or home injury, as well as from a health condition. Pain is the body’s warning sign that it has become injured or is suffering from a health condition. Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, serving the greater Tyler, Texas area, specializes in pain management and has two highly trained and experienced pain management specialists available to help return patients to normal activities.

What is Pain?

Pain is often characterized as an uncomfortable feeling that tells the body something is wrong. The pain can be acute or chronic, as well as steady, throbbing, stabbing, pinching or aching. Acute pain is short-lived and usually occurs after an injury, while chronic pain is present for long periods of time and often indicates a disease or serious injury is present.

What to do When Pain Becomes Chronic

When a patient begins to experience chronic pain, their daily life is changed. They can no longer enjoy family activities or perform at full capacity at their job. Patients suffering from chronic pain must undergo a specific treatment plan designed specifically for them so they can return to a pain-free lifestyle.

Patients experiencing chronic pain often avoid behaviors and movements that trigger the pain. While this helps eliminate some degree of pain, it creates additional muscle wasting and inflammation of the body’s soft structures. Because of this, our pain management specialists offer a multidisciplinary treatment plan that involves pain management and physical therapy. The physical therapy rehabilitation program is designed to change learned behaviors that may have contributed to additional pain.

What can a Pain Management Specialist do for Pain?

A pain management specialist offers much more than just pain management medications. Pain specialists are able to treat various types of pain by utilizing x-rays, fluoroscopic and guided procedures in hopes of minimizing the need for long-term medications and injections.

Why Should Patients Visit a Pain Management Specialist?

All patients are encouraged to visit a pain management specialist at the earliest opportunity. Chronic pain can affect numerous aspects of a patient’s life, including social, emotional and psychological. Limiting physical activity, avoiding social events and the stress associated with battling chronic pain daily often leads to anxiety, depression and loss of healthy sleep patterns.

A pain management specialist is trained to diagnose the cause of pain and develop a multimodal treatment plan that alleviates the level of pain while incorporating physical therapy programs to help patients return to a healthy and happy quality of life.

For additional resources on chronic pain, or to schedule an appointment with a pain management specialist, please contact the Tyler, Texas office of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler.