Pain Management Physicians Treating Residents of Van, TX

Van, Texas is a small city located between Dallas and Tyler. School-aged children living in the city attend Van Independent School District, and many college-aged young adults attend Tyler Junior College if they decide to stay close to home. Because of the city’s small size and limited jobs, many workers must commute each work day to larger cities, such as Canton and Tyler, in order to provide for their families. Unfortunately, commuting each day to work or other activities increases the risk of an automobile accident. Motor vehicle accidents have the possibility of causing serious injuries that often lead to chronic pain. The pain management physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, located in nearby Tyler, specialize in treating numerous injuries sustained during an automobile accident.

Pain Management Practice Specializing in Automobile Accident Injuries in Van, TX Drivers
The city of Van, Texas is served by several major roadways, including Interstate 20, Texas State Highway 110 and several busy Farm to Market (FM) roads. Thousands of cars travel these roads each day with local Van residents and visitors to the area behind the wheel. All of these major roadways increase the risk of automobile accidents and associated injuries.

An automobile accident not only causes damage to a person’s assets, but many serious injuries that lead to chronic pain are linked with the event. Common injuries treated in victims include:

Our pain management physicians recommend Van residents involved in a motor vehicle accident visit our nearby practice immediately. Many victims report not feeling painful symptoms for hours, or even days, following the accident. An injury diagnosis and treatment plan immediately following the accident optimizes the resolution of many soft tissue injuries, often leading to a decreased risk of chronic pain.

Pain Management Doctors Available to Treat Van, TX High School and College Students

Van, Texas is home to the Vandals athletic program. High school students have the ability to compete in numerous popular sports throughout the year, including football, basketball, baseball, softball, cross country and track and field. College students in the Van area attending Tyler Junior College also have the ability to compete in an athletic program that offers baseball, basketball, softball, golf, tennis, football, soccer and volleyball.

It is reported high school athletes account for approximately 2 million sports injuries each year. Acute injuries often include sprains, strains, fractures, bruises and concussions, while overuse injuries often include stress fractures, growth plate injuries, bursitis and tendonitis.

If you are a resident of Van, Texas and have experienced chronic pain following an automobile accident or a sports injury, please contact the pain management team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler today.