Acute and Chronic Pain Management – Troup, TX

The East Texas city of Troup is located in both Smith County and Cherokee County. Because of this, Troup, Texas is part of the Tyler Metropolitan Area, as well as the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area. Local Troup residents are able to visit both Tyler and Jacksonville to engage in recreational activities in order to remain healthy and active throughout the year. Many high school athletes living in Troup attend Troup High School, and have the ability to compete in numerous sports each year. Any resident of Troup that experiences a home injury, sports injury, work-related injury or an injury associated with an automobile accident are encouraged to contact the practice of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. Our pain doctors are highly trained and experienced at diagnosing and treating a wide number of injuries that lead to acute and chronic pain.

Pain Doctors Treating Sports Injuries in Troup, TX High School Athletes

Troup, Texas is home to the Troup Tigers. Students attending the public high school are able to compete in cross country, track and field, volleyball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, baseball, softball and power lifting. Athletics at Troup High School are very competitive. Numerous state titles have been won over the years in various sports.

High school sports are a fun way for students to remain active in the local community, but sports injuries and overuse injuries do occur. Certain students will experience a muscle injury, soft tissue injury or bone injury each school year. Prompt medical care is necessary since the young body is still growing. A simple sports injury that is left untreated has the ability to turn into a nagging condition that causes chronic pain.

Pain Management Clinic Available to Treat Chronic Pain in Residents of Troup, TX

Many local residents of Troup, Texas enjoy the rolling hills of East Texas by hiking, jogging, visiting recreational areas and going ATV off-road riding. While all of these activities keep residents active, healthy and happy, an injury can occur that leads to either acute or chronic pain.

When an injury or health condition causes acute or chronic pain, it is important residents visit a pain management clinic at the onset of symptoms. The pain doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are highly trained and experienced at treating various injuries and conditions with injection therapy, spinal decompression, physical therapy and other suitable treatment plans.

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler treats acute and chronic pain associated with:

If you live in Troup, Texas and have experienced an injury or suffer from a health condition that causes acute or chronic pain, contact the pain doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler today. Our physicians specialize in pain management and can return patients to normal, pain-free activities.