Pain Management for Acute and Chronic Pain – Rusk, TX

Rusk, Texas, located in Cherokee County, is approximately 40 miles south of Tyler and is home to many residents who love to remain active while enjoying the gorgeous East Texas weather. Several local recreational areas provide Rusk residents with numerous activities to engage in, including golf, camping, hunting, zip lining and walking or jogging miles of trails. With an active involvement in outdoor activities, comes the risk of an injury accompanied by pain. The pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, located in nearby Tyler, specialize in pain management treatments tailored for each individual patient who has experienced an injury.

Pain Physicians Proudly Serving Rusk, TX Residents

Rusk, Texas residents are able to enjoy the beautiful Piney Woods area of East Texas year round. The climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters, allowing residents to participate in outdoor activities throughout the year.

Points of interest in the Rusk, Texas area include the Rusk Footbridge, Texas State Railroad, Adrenaline Zip Line Tours, Jim Hogg Park and Birmingham Forest Golf Club. Residents are also able to visit surrounding parks, lakes and recreational areas to camp, hunt and fish.

Even though many local points of interest do not require aggressive physical activity, such as competing in sports, residents may still experience an injury that leads to pain and other unwanted symptoms. When this occurs, Rusk residents are encouraged to contact the Tyler office of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler.

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is a multimodal clinic dedicated to pain management. Our pain physicians utilize the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in order to diagnose the true cause of pain, treat the cause and alleviate pain.

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler’s pain physicians specialize in:

Residents living in the Rusk, Texas area suffering from any level of pain are strongly encouraged to contact the pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. Our pain management treatments, including spinal decompression, physical therapy and injection therapy, are designed to promptly alleviate pain and return patients to a healthy, happy lifestyle.