Acute and Chronic Pain Treatment for Residents of Mineola, TX

Mineola, Texas is a smaller East Texas city located about 80 miles east of the bustling city of Dallas. Mineola, a National Main Street City, is home to the Mineola Nature Preserve on the Sabine River, Mineola Civic Center Park and Mineola High School. Even as a small city, local residents are able to remain active throughout the year by competing in sports or visiting a recreational area. Certain residents of Mineola will experience an injury that leads to acute or chronic pain during the year. When this occurs, residents are strongly encouraged to contact Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, a pain management practice located in nearby Tyler.

Pain Doctors Treating Mineola, TX High School Athletes

Mineola, Texas is home to the competitive Yellow Jackets sports program, best known for their outstanding football team. The Yellow Jackets athletic program allows students to compete in cross country, volleyball, football, basketball, power lifting, golf, tennis, track and field, baseball and softball.

With all of these sports available to high school students, many will compete in more than one sport each year. There are numerous benefits to athletic participation, but sports injuries can occur. Common injuries diagnosed in Mineola young athletes are sprains and strains, fractured bones, head traumas, muscle injuries and soft tissue injuries.

Pain Management for Active Mineola, TX Residents

Many residents of Mineola, Texas love to remain active throughout the year. Popular recreational areas include the Mineola Nature Preserve on the Sabine River and the Mineola Civic Center Park, as well as a few other public parks. The Mineola Nature Preserve offers a gorgeous trail system ideal for walking, jogging, running, hiking and horseback riding, while the Mineola Civic Center Park offers open green spaces, a baseball field and tennis courts.

Injuries sustained during athletic recreational activities are similar to sports injuries found in high school athletes, such as muscle injuries, fractures, tendonitis, bursitis, back pain and neck pain.

Residents of Mineola, Texas suffering from acute or chronic pain associated with a sports injury are encouraged to contact the pain management practice of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler.