Pain Management for Acute and Chronic Pain – Marshall, TX

Marshall, Texas is considered a major cultural and educational center in the East Texas area. Marshall is home to a fairly large public independent school district, Trinity Episcopal Schools and four college campuses. Many students at these educational facilities engage in athletic activities, either representing their school or at a local park and recreational area. Children, teenagers and adults involved in recreational sporting activities are prone to sports injuries that can lead to chronic pain if not treated. The team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is highly trained and experienced at diagnosing and treating a wide number of sports injuries at their nearby pain management practice.

Pain Management Clinic Available to Treat Injured Marshall, TX Athletes

Marshall, Texas is home to a diverse, younger population with the presence of four college campuses. College students, as well as children in middle school and high school, are often heavily involved in recreational sporting activities. A wide number of young athletes play one or more sports and represent their school, while other active residents engage in recreational sports at one of the local parks and recreational areas.

Popular parks in Marshall include:

No matter a Marshall residents’ age, they have a number of areas to visit to remain active. Unfortunately, certain residents will experience a sports injury at some point. When a sports injury occurs, it is important a pain management specialist diagnoses and treats the injury in order to decrease the risk of chronic pain. Common sports injuries include muscle injuries, soft tissue injuries, back pain, neck pain and bone injuries.

Marshall, Texas residents who have experienced a sports injury that causes acute or chronic pain is encouraged to contact the nearby pain management clinic of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler.