Pain Management Clinic Serving Lufkin, TX Residents

Lufkin, Texas is a relatively large city located in deep East Texas. The city is home to numerous large companies that employ thousands of local Lufkin residents, including Lufkin Industries, Pilgrim’s Pride, Atkinson Candy Company and Brookshire Brothers. Lufkin is also home to numerous lakes and recreational areas that provide outdoor entertainment to residents of all ages. If a Lufkin resident experiences a work-related injury, sports injury or home injury that causes acute or chronic pain, they are encouraged to contact the office of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, proudly providing pain management services to East Texas residents.

Pain Management for Lufkin, TX Injured Workers

Residents of Lufkin, Texas have a number of large and small companies to work for in the local area. The top employers in Lufkin include Lufkin Industries, Pilgrim’s Pride, Lufkin ISD, Brookshire Brothers, Atkinson Candy Company and Temple-Inland Forest Products.

With various manufacturing jobs in the local area, Lufkin residents are no strangers to work-related injuries that cause acute or chronic pain. The most common injuries include repetitive motion injuries, machinery and equipment injuries, slips, falls and musculoskeletal injuries from overexertion and heavy lifting. If a Lufkin resident becomes injured while on the job, they are strongly encouraged to contact a pain management clinic, such as Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, so the extent of injury can be diagnosed as quickly as possible. A prompt diagnosis and treatment plan helps encourage a rapid return to work.

Pain Management Specialists Treating Acute and Chronic Pain in Active Lufkin, TX Residents

Lufkin, Texas offers a wide number of outdoor recreational activities for residents of all ages. Young children have the ability to visit a park or playground, while older children and adults have the ability to go biking, horseback riding, hiking, fishing and golfing. With all of these activities available to local residents year round, certain residents will experience acute or chronic pain associated with a sports injury or home injury.

Home and sports injuries are relatively common and include sprains and strains, soft tissue injuries, neck pain and back pain. A pain management clinic is designed to alleviate pain and help return patients to an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you live in Lufkin, Texas and have experienced an injury causing acute or chronic pain during work, or from a home or sports injury, please contact the pain management team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler.