Pain Management of Chronic and Acute Pain – Kilgore, TX

Located in East Texas, Kilgore is home to Kilgore College and the world-renowned Kilgore College Rangerettes. College athletes are not the only residents in Kilgore, Texas that are able to remain active. Adults and children have the ability to golf and swim at the Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center, as well as bike, hike and run the surrounding parks and recreational areas. If a Kilgore resident becomes injured while engaging in any form of activity, the pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are here to help. Our nearby pain management clinic in Tyler specializes in treatment of acute pain, chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and home injuries.

Pain Physicians Specializing in Pain Management for Active Kilgore, TX Residents

Kilgore, Texas residents have the ability to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, no matter their age.

The Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center is open year-round to the public so residents are able to hit the greens and enjoy a round of golf, or take a lap in the large swimming pool. Golf and swimming are both calming activities compared to many other sports, but injuries can occur that lead to acute pain. Back pain is quite common in the golfing community, typically caused by an awkward turn or movement of the body during a swing. Shoulder pain is often reported in swimmers because of repetitive overhead motions.

Kilgore College offers an athletic program for their student body. Men are able to participate in basketball and football, while women are able to compete in basketball and softball. Kilgore College is most well-known for the world famous Kilgore College Rangerettes, a drill team that travels around the United States.

College athletic programs are a great way for students to stay involved in the local community and represent their school in a positive manner, but certain students may experience an injury that requires pain management.

The pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler specialize in:

If you are an active Kilgore, Texas resident and experience an injury that causes chronic or acute pain, contact the pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, a pain management practice located in nearby Tyler.