Chronic Pain Management – Jacksonville, TX

Jacksonville, Texas is located in the rolling hills of East Texas. Located about 30 miles south of Tyler, Jacksonville is known as the “Tomato Capital of the World” because of the city’s production and shipping of tomatoes. With various ATV recreational areas, Lake Jacksonville and a variety of businesses, residents may experience a work-related injury, home injury or sports injury. If an injury occurs, or if a resident suffers from chronic pain, the pain specialists at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are here to help in our nearby Tyler practice dedicated to pain management.

Pain Specialists Available to Treat Chronic Pain in Jacksonville, TX Residents

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain each year, including residents of Jacksonville, Texas. Many local residents enjoy the rolling hills of this area by hiking, jogging, visiting recreational areas and engaging in ATV off-road riding. While all of these activities keep residents active and healthy, an injury can occur that leads to acute or chronic pain.

When an injury or health condition causes acute or chronic pain, it is important residents visit a pain specialist at the onset of symptoms. The pain management physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are highly trained and experienced at treating various injuries and conditions with injection therapy, spinal decompression, physical therapy and other suitable treatment plans.

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler treats pain associated with:

If you live in the Jacksonville, Texas area and have experienced an injury or suffer from a health condition that causes acute or chronic pain, contact the pain specialists at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. Our physicians specialize in pain management and can return patients to normal, pain-free activities as quickly as possible.