Chronic Pain Management – Henderson, TX

Henderson, Texas has been considered a major crossroad in Northeast Texas for well over two centuries. Several major highways pass through the town’s business district, bringing additional traffic to the local area. Many Henderson businesses enjoy the extra traffic since it attracts additional sources of revenue from gas, food and hotels. Additional traffic also has a downside – automobile accidents. Motor vehicle accidents have the possibility of causing severe injuries and chronic pain. The pain doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler specialize in injuries associated with automobile accidents. Our team is not only highly skilled in pain management, but they are also available to assist with an attorney referral if the accident was caused by another driver.

Pain Management for Henderson, TX Drivers Injured in an Automobile Accident

Even though Henderson, Texas is a smaller city located in East Texas, it sees a lot of daily traffic from U.S. Route 259 and 79, as well as Texas State Highways 64, 43 and 42. All of this additional traffic within city limits increases the risk of automobile accidents and serious injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents not only cause a financial burden for those involved, the victims can also experience an injury that leads to chronic pain. The pain doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler provide pain management for these common injuries:

Our pain doctors recommend all Henderson residents involved in an automobile accident visit a pain management clinic as soon as possible. Prompt medical care will help determine extent of injuries, as well as optimize the healing of soft tissue injuries.

If you live in Henderson, Texas and have experienced an injury causing chronic pain during an automobile accident, please contact the team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler immediately. Our pain doctors are available to diagnose and treat a number of common injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents.