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Canton, Texas is a popular location in East Texas, mainly because of the well-known First Monday Trade Days. As one of the biggest and oldest flea markets in the United States, thousands of people visit Canton from all over the state of Texas. Canton is also home to the only waterpark in East Texas, as well as Yesterland Farm that is a popular family attraction during the fall and holiday seasons. Local residents typically turn their attention to the Canton High School Eagle athletic program that regularly competes against other schools throughout Texas. If any resident of Canton experiences an injury that causes chronic pain and would like information on a tailored pain management plan, they are encouraged to contact the pain doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler.

Pain Doctors Available to Treat Canton, TX High School Students

Canton, Texas is home to the Eagle athletic program. High school students are able to compete in many popular sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, power lifting, golf, tennis, cross country and track and field. With the number of sports activities available to each student, students are able to compete in more than one sport each school year.

Canton is also known for the Canton Band Program, known as “The Mighty Band from Eagle Land.” Students who participate in the band often receive awards and high honors during competitions.

Many Canton, Texas residents are aware of the prevalence of sports injuries in young athletes, but many are not aware of overuse injuries found in student musicians. Overuse injuries can occur from countless hours of holding and playing an instrument during classes, practice, games and competitions. Common injuries include tendonitis, bursitis and muscle injuries.

Any resident of Canton that experiences an injury that causes chronic pain, no matter the age, is encouraged to contact Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. Our pain doctors are available to diagnose the cause of pain and to develop a tailored pain management program.

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Are you suffering from an injury that causes chronic pain and live in Canton, Texas? Contact the pain doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, a pain management clinic located in nearby Tyler.