Pain Management for Acute and Chronic Pain – Athens, TX

Athens, Texas is a smaller city located in East Texas known as the “Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World.” Athens was selected as one of the first ‘Certified Retirement Communities’ in the state of Texas. Many retirees relocate to Athens to escape the hustle and bustle of the larger cities and to live in a smaller town with shopping, fishing and golfing year round. Even though retirement is a big accomplishment for any individual, getting older brings the risk of additional injuries and health conditions. Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, located in nearby Tyler, offers a modern and conservative approach to pain management. Our pain physicians take great pride in diagnosing and treating acute or chronic pain in the older population.

Pain Management for Athens, TX Retirees

Many older adults consider Athens, Texas as an ideal city to retire. Athens provides residents with mild to hot weather, the gorgeous East Texas setting and numerous activities to engage in.

Local residents are able to golf, fish and shop, as well as visit the Texas Gospel Music Hall and the Old Fiddler’s Reunion.

Retirement age is a huge success and a start at a new life for many individuals. Unfortunately, the older age of retirees is associated with additional health conditions and injuries that lead to acute or chronic pain.

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler specializes in treating these common conditions found in the older population:

Our pain physicians offer various pain management treatments to help ease acute or chronic pain. Our treatments include physical therapy, injection therapy, spinal decompression, diagnostic testing and injury care.

If you are a retiree living in the Athens, Texas area and are experiencing acute or chronic pain from an injury or health condition, contact the pain management team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. Our pain physicians are available to diagnose and treat a wide number of ailments.